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Uncommon Healing

Uncommon Healing

Physical Healing Starts Inside

We take an inside out approach to healing, making sure our specially curated box kits put your mental health and self-care as a top priority so that the physical healing can take place with fewer setbacks. Our mind-body approach uses the power of support as a path to healing so we also provide the opportunity for friends and family to contribute to the healing process of their loved ones through practical and useful gifts…which is why our box kits are so dang cute!

Impact, Intention & Inclusivity

Each item is hand selected by our founder, Brittany, after multiple experiences with her own surgery recovery process. We do our best to focus on natural, organic, and green products. We seek out brands who are also making a difference in communities and the planet. And we support women, people of color, and small businesses because we are all three.

Heart Centered Wellness

Everything from what we have selected for our box kits to the way we support our employees and our collaborations with vendors is built on a heart centered foundation. While we are a company who wants to remain in business so we must make a profit, we make decisions that we know will make a difference in the lives of those we encounter. People over profit, always!

Stress-Free Recovery Experience

We know first hand the difficulties that come with preparing for both an upcoming surgery and for post-surgery recovery. Our box kits allow you to focus fully on recovery rather than researching and making multiple purchases. Our goal is to eliminate the stress and time it takes to find products and resources that will aid in your surgery recovery process.

A note from our CEO

Hello! If you’re here it means that you or someone you love is embarking on their healing and recovery journey from a major medical experience. I know firsthand what that experience is like which is why I started Common Briar in the first place.

I have been in your or your loved one’s shoes. Researching and locating items from the internet or local drugstore only to be discouraged by my lack of choices and frankly quality. Ordering then returning items that seemed rather flimsy considering I was going to need their complete support. Realizing that the time I had spent deciding what I truly needed in my house after surgery had only made me more anxious and stressed.

My wish for you and your loved ones is less stress and more accessible resources so you can focus on your recovery. I’m here to share with you the things I had to find out on my own in hopes that by sharing your preparation and healing goes smoothly. That you have the time to tune into your body, nurturing it in whatever way feels good to you. For me that meant treating the recovery process like self-care, feeling good about the items I was using and slowing down mentally. The physical slowdown is inevitable and by surrendering to it and removing the expectations around how soon I should recover was when my body was at its best healing. My complete physical recovery did not happen until I started treating the recovery process as deep self and soul care.

Be gentle with yourself always,


Brittany Beasley-Davis


Social Impact

Positive Impact and Charitable Giving to help heal communities.

5% of all recovery kit sales go towards helping mothers of color receive equal maternal health care treatment with National Birth Equity Collaborative

Kit donations in communities less likely to have access to equal healthcare

Disclaimer of Medical Liability: Common Briar Wellness does not provide medical advice. We are not medical professionals. The contents of the site and boxes are for general information purposes only and Common Briar Wellness is not responsible for errors or omissions. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Reliance on any information provided on the site and boxes is solely at your own risk. Individual medical needs are very different; you should not assume that the information provided on the site and boxes concerning certain courses of treatment or outcomes will apply to you. Rather, you should evaluate your medical condition and make treatment decisions based upon consultation with your physician.