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  • How best to use the items in the CB Wellness Box Kits

    If you are here most likely you are preparing for an orthopedic surgery and have been searching for post-surgery recovery products on your own. Whether you received a list from your doctor or found one on the internet our box kits are designed to help make your decision process easier.
  • Redefining strength during surgery recovery

    Brittany, founder of Common Briar, here! As you embark on your surgery recovery journey, I would like to send you my thoughts and well wishes. Be strong on this journey, strength is what you will need but I also would like to redefine strength for you in this time.
  • What it means to be supportive for someone having surgery

    Surgery recovery for your loved ones can feel very isolating and frustrating regardless of the number of people around or checking in on them. Yet they would not know this without going through it. What does it mean to be supportive?