How best to use the items in the CB Wellness Box Kits


Lovingly, slowly, gently.

If you are here most likely you are preparing for an orthopedic surgery and have been searching for post-surgery recovery products on your own. Whether you received a list from your doctor or found one on the internet our box kits are designed to help make your decision process easier.

How the items in your box kit lovingly support the recovery process

20x20in Non-Slip Antibacterial bathmat – place mat inside shower or tub at point of entry and in front of shower/bath chair or where you plan on standing while bathing. Mat will allow solid footing and prevent slipping. 

17in Extended Handle Loofa Brush – allows you to easily wash hard to reach areas without twisting or bending while feeling like a touch of self-care.

32in Foldable Reacher Grabber – most commonly used to grab items you drop on the floor or that just out of reach item on your nightstand. Also, helpful grabbing items on high shelving and pulling on socks.

33-37in Adjustable Foldable Cane includes bag – assists in providing extra stability while walking on any surface when transitioning from a walker or crutches to walking. Highly useful in the progression of walking on your own as muscles will have weakened.

Pain Relief 600mg CBD Cream – relieves muscle soreness for non-surgical areas. You will find that other muscles in your body will be sore from stress or tension. Best used for muscles not in close proximity to surgical area. Do not use on incision or incision area, wounds, or damaged skin. Our favorite part about this cream, it is natural, plant-based and there is no strong medical or CBD scent. You can apply it with peace of mind.

Face Mask with ties and inspirational quote – shields away eeky germs that your immune system has no business worrying about while you are in and out of the hospital and pre/post op appointments.

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